How to kickstart your goals and stay motivated

Once the excitement of a new year fades away, it is easy to also shelve your goals until later in the year. When you realise that the year is coming to an end and you haven’t accomplished what you wanted, this can be demoralising. I have experienced this many times. In this blog, I willContinue reading “How to kickstart your goals and stay motivated”

How I started my business without borrowing money

One area that stops a lot of people from taking that step of faith and starting a business is not having enough capital to start. Depending on the type of business that can be a huge barrier to starting however, I managed to start my business with no upfront capital and did not have toContinue reading “How I started my business without borrowing money”

Would you consider using Cryptocurrency for your business?

Cryptocurrency or cryptoassets have been around for a while and it has mainly been seen as an investment vehicle. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of publicity around cryptocurrencies volatility, regulation, and wider usage. Governments are looking to develop their own digital currency and this led me to not only think about itContinue reading “Would you consider using Cryptocurrency for your business?”

5 indicators that show you need to review your personal finances

Reviewing your finances is an important part of effective financial management. This means checking your income, expenses, savings, debt repayments and ensuring you can afford your current lifestyle. In this blog I will be writing about 5 indicators that show you nee to review your personal finances. There has been a change to your lifestyleContinue reading “5 indicators that show you need to review your personal finances”

What is a recession and how can you prepare your finances?

A recession is when there is a widespread decline in economic activity because of loss of income or concerns about the economy. In early 2020, the world started to react to the effects of COVID-19. Due to the way the virus was spreading, it was important to limit human contact. Many businesses stopped trading, peopleContinue reading “What is a recession and how can you prepare your finances?”

2. Why is it important to have multiple sources of income?

In today’s podcast I will be talking about the importance of having multiple sources of income.  Points covered are; It gives you control of your time  You have more options which means you have flexibility to try out new things You have more freedom with your time It offers you more security The link for the instagram page is @deep_pockets_finance

Life lessons learnt from planning a wedding

When I became engaged to my now husband it was an exciting time. We decided to have our wedding back in Africa. Planning our wedding was the first major project we worked on together and here are a few things we learnt that have stuck to this day.  It is Important to know your strengthsContinue reading “Life lessons learnt from planning a wedding”

How to effectively structure your savings

I used to underestimate the need to put saving structures in place. I have now learnt that it is important to align your savings goals with liquidity time frames (cash needs to be available when needed). When my husband and I initially combined our finances, our main goal was saving for a property so weContinue reading “How to effectively structure your savings”

5 tips to beat the January blues

I once saw a meme that said “Aahh finally! The 6 months of January has ended!” This pretty much expressed how many people feel about January… its cold, dark and looong! Most employers pay their staff in mid-December so they may have spent their income even before the beginning of January.  In this blog I willContinue reading “5 tips to beat the January blues”

The convenience of technology

I remember the excitement I felt when I had started my first year at high school in Zimbabwe and the school I went to made an announcement that we could use calculators in our mathematics classes. Gone were the days where we would spend time trying to solve mathematical problems on paper. Fast forward aContinue reading “The convenience of technology”