6. Insurance with Amida Jimah from She Insures (Part of Eunisure)

This is a topic that is very important due to life’s uncertainties. In this episode we discussed Insurance products which Amida from She Insures( Part of Enisure) which is FCA regulated. You can contact Amida on the details below; Guest Contact details Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sheinsures_/ Email: requests@sheinsures.co.uk

5. Personal Branding with Loveness from Gamechanger Junkie and Loveness London

In Episode 5 we talk to Loveness from Gamechanger Junkie and Wellness brand, Loveness London.  Join our online community at https://deeppocketsfinance.com Facebook group: Finance Tips for Women: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=232523054500819&ref=content_filter Guest Details  Gamechanger Junkie: https://www.gamechangerjunkie.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gamechangerjunkie/ Loveness London : https://www.lovenesslondon.com/shop Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovenesslondon/

4. Introduction to Financial Literacy with Thando and Lindie Jacobs from Skilled Funds

In episode 4, I discuss with Thando and Lindie, their personal finance journey, the inspiration behind Skilled Funds and the importance of Financial Literacy.  Please see below links as mentioned in the podcast Free Deep Pockets Finance Resources: https://deeppocketsfinance.com/resources-page/ Guest contact details  Web address: https://skilledfunds.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skilledfunds/

3. What I learnt about managing my finances and wellbeing during uncertain times

In this Podcast I will be talking about some of the things I learnt as a result of the uncertainty that was created by COVID-19 Follow us on Social Media Instagram: @deep_pockets_finance Facebook Group: Finance Tips for Women by Deep Pockets Finance

2. Why is it important to have multiple sources of income?

In today’s podcast I will be talking about the importance of having multiple sources of income.  Points covered are; It gives you control of your time  You have more options which means you have flexibility to try out new things You have more freedom with your time It offers you more security The link for the instagram page is @deep_pockets_finance

1. Lesson I learnt when I saved towards my savings goals

It’s important to have clear goals.  I like to use SMART to set my goals as it forces me to ask questions about my goals. Please see this blog for more information. SMART Goals blog link Having a budget in place enables you to plan for the future, control your finances and monitor you progress towardsContinue reading “1. Lesson I learnt when I saved towards my savings goals”