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Deep Pockets will equip you to reduce your debt and increase your wealth through motivational content and 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

Motivational Content

We understand that you need key financial information in a way that suits your lifestyle. You can access our Blogs, Podcast or Social Media.


One key aspect of effective financial management is having the right resources. We have created resources that you can confidently use on your journey.

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Coming in Mid January 2021

The Financial Goals Planner is a tool that has been created to help you smash your Financial Goals!

  • Breakdown Dreams into clear, actionable, achievable Goals
  • Link your Goals to your values and understand the importance of this
  • Track your Financial Goals process during the year
  • Review your finances using the Financial Review Checklist
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly motivational quotes
  • Space to write thoughts and ideas

About the Founder

Samantha is a mother, qualified accountant and money expert who started Deep Pockets Finance in 2018 because she was passionate about personal finances.

As an accountant she has been exposed to how profitable businesses work and believes if the same principles are applied to personal finances, people will be equipped to be financially free.
Samantha believes in breaking down complex financial information in order for people to have financial knowledge that will help them grow their wealth.