How I started my business without borrowing money

One area that stops a lot of people from taking that step of faith and starting a business is not having enough capital to start. Depending on the type of business that can be a huge barrier to starting however, I managed to start my business with no upfront capital and did not have toContinue reading “How I started my business without borrowing money”

Why is diversification good for your business?

Starting a business is hard, however if it is well planned and managed professionally it can be very rewarding. When running a business, you should consider diversifying it. With larger corporations, diversification normally means buying or merging with another business that provides the service or products they want to or trade in the industry theyContinue reading “Why is diversification good for your business?”

5 tips to beat the January blues

I once saw a meme that said “Aahh finally! The 6 months of January has ended!” This pretty much expressed how many people feel about January… its cold, dark and looong! Most employers pay their staff in mid-December so they may have spent their income even before the beginning of January.  In this blog I willContinue reading “5 tips to beat the January blues”

Are your pockets getting deeper?

Once you have set your savings goals and are happily saving, the next question you need to answer is are your savings working for you? One of the default ways I like to save money is by using a savings account. There are many options for savings accounts that are available. Most of which areContinue reading “Are your pockets getting deeper?”

Advice to my 18-year-old self

As a young adult, one of the areas I struggled with was financial education. During my last year of high school, general information like career advice was readily available however, I don’t recall receiving any basic financial advice. The knowledge I had at the time was based on observations from people around me. Further educationContinue reading “Advice to my 18-year-old self”

Owning that Property – Credit Scores

In previous blogs we have looked at how to plan for purchasing a property and the costs to consider. In this blog we will be focusing on an important aspect of the process which is credit scores. When purchasing a property, you can either buy with cash, which is ideal. The other option is to take outContinue reading “Owning that Property – Credit Scores”

Owning that Property – Finance Management

In this blog I will be providing tips on the costs you should budget for when planning to buy a newly built house. In the previous blog we looked at how we conducted the initial research. How much is it actually going to cost? Do some research to find out how much it will actuallyContinue reading “Owning that Property – Finance Management”

Owning that property

The journey to owning a property for us was a hard and long process but rewarding in the end.  It was one of our main goals because paying rent felt like we were paying someone else’s mortgage. I learnt a lot along the way and will share this in upcoming blogs. The blogs will includeContinue reading “Owning that property”