Deep Pockets Finance is run by a team of qualified accountants who are registered and believe in the importance of integrity. Deep Pockets is under a practising license hence regulated by an appropriate accounting body and is up to date with relevant compliance requirements.

Our highly qualified team works in partnership with clients to provide the best possible recommendations to help their business grow and succeed. Our services are tailored to our client needs and are provided in a cost-efficient manner.

At Deep Pockets Finance we believe that effective financial management in all aspects of life provides you with options. This is why we provide bespoke personal finance coaching services. 

Deep Pockets Finance started as a blog in 2018 to equip and inspire people to take control of their finances. 

Deep Pockets Finance has now expanded to provide Accounting, Business Advisory Services and Financial Coaching. We believe that any business has the potential to grow if the finances are managed correctly. We also believe that personal financial goals are achievable if they are set correctly.  We provide a wide range of services including Business and Personal Finance workshops that aim to demystify financial information.  

Meet the Founder

Samantha Chikoore is the founder of Deep Pockets Finance. She is a wife, mother and qualified accountant.

Samantha trained with a big four accounting firm and has gained valuable experience over the years. Being exposed to successful businesses helped her to understand the fundamental principles of managing finances. She believes that these principles can be adapted to personal finances and any size business. Samantha is passionate about ensuring clients receive the best service 

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