Financial Accounting & Reporting
Budgeting and Forecasting
Management Accounting


VAT returns to HMRC including MTD
Corporation Tax returns to HMRC (CT600)
Personal Income Tax (Self Assessment, Capital Gains Tax and any other Personal Tax support


Company Registration
Account filings
Compliance requirements with HMRC and Companies House

Business Advisory

Strategy Development

Developing Strategy and comprehensive Business Plans
Understanding and clarifying Business Goals and Objectives

Performance Management

Recommendations for improving KPIs
Identify areas that need attention
Measure strategy success and improvement efforts


Understanding Business Finances Understanding Critical success factors and KPIs
Understanding Business administration processes

Financial Coaching

Financial Management

Budgeting and Personal Finance Management

  • Preparing a budget that works for you
  • Understanding your spending habits
  • Understanding spending triggers 
  • Setting effective financial goals
  • Tracking your finances 

Debt Management and Credit score improvement

  • Understanding debt and the costs of debt
  • Analysing current debt
  • Debt repayment plan  


Introduction to Investing;

  • How to prepare your finances for investing 
  • How to start investing, if you have not invested before
  • What to consider when selecting investment options
  • How to invest if you don’t have a lot of cash

Getting on the Property ladder

  • Understanding your credit score
  • Strategies for getting on the property ladder
  • Creating a Savings plan that works for you
  • Understanding the costs involved

How to start a Business

Exploring if starting a business is right for you

  • Exploring potential business ideas
  • Monetising a passion or hobby
  • Managing Business Finances

 Creating an action plan and measurable goals

  • Understanding potential target clients and marketing needs 
  • How to create an online presence 
  • Setting business goals through budgeting and effective KPIs

Service Delivery and Packages

Accounting and Business Advisory

We cater to businesses at any stage in their growth, from sole traders to start-ups and established businesses. 

Packages can be put together depending on the business needs and payment plans that work for you. 

We use online accounting packages from QuickBooks and utilise online communication platforms like Zoom to ensure that regardless of where the client is based, we are able to serve them effectively. 

Workshops are available face to face or via Zoom. 

Financial Coaching

Take back control of your personal finances, set effective goals and have an accountability partner. Take your finances to the next level by learning how to invest and set effective goals to get on the property ladder.

Book your 30 minute free discover call.

Discounts are available for a minimum of 4 session which are 1 hour long each. 

Sessions are available as One to One and Group Sessions

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