How to invest in your Personal Development

Personal Development means different things to different people. However, I like to think of it as continuously improving yourself. This can be through learning subject areas, perfecting your skills and most importantly looking after yourself. In this blog I will be exploring ways in which you can invest in your personal development.   

One thing about life is you don’t know what you don’t know. Before I realised I needed to sort out my finances, it seemed like it was ok to use debt for my day to day necessities, even though I didn’t have a concrete plan in place to clear it. Investing in personal development books and personal finance books helped me to have a new way of thinking and to understand personal finances. The more I read about finances, the more I became curious and the more I wanted to improve my financial situation.

One of the first books I read was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book helped me to understand that I didn’t have to settle for traditional expectations such as getting a job, retire and live happily ever after. It opened my eyes up to other opportunities that are within my reach. Another book that I really liked was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book helped me to focus my attention on the goals I really wanted to achieve. It helped me understand the importance of surrounding myself with people who are experts in areas that would help me achieve my goals such as accountants, tax experts, bankers etc.

When I had my children and rarely had free time, I discovered that listening to Podcasts and Audio books was also a great way to gain knowledge. This helped me to engage my mind and learn while I was doing my day to day tasks like washing dishes or cleaning the house. I enjoyed listening to podcasts like Coaching for Leaders by Dave Stachowiak, were they interview company CEOs and talk about leadership styles. I also listened to the Property Podcast by Rob Bence and Rob Dix to get an overview of what was happening in the UK property market. This also inspired me to start a Podcast for Deep Pockets Finance.

When looking at personal development, it is important to understand which style of learning works for you. In the above I mentioned that my style of gaining knowledge changed due to my circumstances at the time. Sometimes you may find it easier to understand something when interacting with the teacher, therefore you can enrol into webinar or course for that subject area or have a one to one meeting with an expert. When learning new things, it is important to continuously review what you have been doing and look at how the new information can be applied in order to improve yourself. 

It is important to set learning goals for example, if you are interested in learning more about investing, you can set a goal of reading an investment book or going on an investing course. Setting learning goals helps you to plan out which areas you want to develop, trace your progress and access which learning method works for you. 

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