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News Watch: Open Banking

Open banking which recently come into effect in the UK, has been called a banking revolution by some and a potential fraudsters heaven by others. The rules were introduced in order to increase competition and innovation within the banking sector whilst allowing customers to benefit from technological advancements. What is Open Banking? Open Banking are new set of rules that allow banks to share client information with regulated 3rd parties subject […]

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Keys to good Financial health – Income

I was watching Dragon’s Den (BBC UK) the other day and was intrigued by how the contestants had perfected their pitches when selling their products but almost always got tripped up when it came to one area the dragons are most interested in… the numbers and financial returns. Many of us take care of our health through routine visit to the doctor, dentist etc. We have an annual service for […]

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Keep that cash in your pocket!

Saving was one of the areas I used to struggle with because I wanted instant gratification. Over the years I have learnt to be disciplined. I now plan for most of my spending and it is more satisfying as I won’t be left out of pocket. Here are some tips I use to save money. I firstly decide on what I want to save for, it could be capital for […]

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